So I got my tattoos today..and that’s why :)
"For me the message is * Don’t ever let go* This is very important to me. It’s what my dad used to say to me:  NEVER GIVE UP !! And it’s what hopefully I’m saying to myself or to anyone . For example we’ve had friends who have killed themselves or gone down the wrong road because they haven’t had the right people around them. And that’s really sad.” ‘But having my son in the studio with me is really powerful.’ ‘My daughter is singing in there a little bit too’ ‘It was the idea of togetherness through life’s challenges.’ ***CHRIS MARTIN , Coldplay ***
  • Chris Martin: Often in a dream I get that. I get a recurring dream where we can't quite get the song together and after about 15 minutes people start leaving. And I'm looking at my fingers and I can't remember what to do. It's terrible.
  • Interviewer: Have you shared this with a therapist?
  • Chris: Not with a therapist, but with Jonny (Buckland) our guitarist. He's the next best thing. That's his role.
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Years of love have been forgot, in the hatred of a minute. Edgar Allan Poe (via lifeintechniicolour)

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Oh Chris…